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At my folks ranch, with supplemental feeding, the average live weight for all whitetail deer is below 100#. Bill responds, Greg, You are in Illinois, so that must be factored in. The average weight can go up by about twenty pounds or so depending on the area you’re hunting in, but whitetail really aren’t that large of an animal. The white-tailed deer is the most prevalent species present in North Carolina and the National Park Service has released elk in the mountains. Female deer are smaller, averaging about 95 pounds and 32 inches in height. Many hunters process deer in the field and wish to grind their own deer meat. For the survey, an antler projection must be at least 12 millimeters from base to tip to qualify as a "point". By nature, deer are very selective feeders. The smaller females average … The White-tailed Deer (Odocoileus virginianus) is the most popular game species in Misissippi.Nationally, the white-tailed deer population likely exceeds 30 million. I hold myself to a 40 yard or closer shot when shooting at deer. The average weight of a female is about 155 lb (maximum, 218 lb). While some adult males (bucks) can grow up to 3.5 ft tall at shoulder height and weigh up to 200 lbs, an average buck in New Jersey weighs around 150 lbs. Weights vary considerably, but an average adult male weighs 175 pounds while a female weighs about 120 pounds. MOST of the time someone guesses 200 lbs its really in the 170-180 lb range. When properly managed, hunting does not hurt deer populations and is a helpful management tool for keeping deer from becoming overpopulated. Weights vary considerably, but an average adult male weighs 175 pounds while a … Distribution. While white-tailed deer generally see in shades of gray, they are able to distinguish shades of blue, yellow, and green; they are less able to distinguish in the orange and red wavelengths. Average deer field dressed weights by age-class will indicate whether you are gaining or losing ground with your deer management program. In Mississippi, the deer herd is estimated at 1.75 million animals, which is higher on a deer-per-unit-area basis (density) than any other state, and only Texas has a greater number of deer. The deer populations before 1775 were healthy and stable because of good food and cover. Harvest a Whitetail Deer buck with a weight of at least 68kg (approx. Maryland yearling bucks (males) weigh an average of 105 pounds; yearling does (females) average 90 pounds. Just curious as to what to expect when I start hunting there. Harvest a Whitetail Deer buck with a weight of at least 68kg (approx. - Friday August 11, 2017 - Jeremy Flinn Research shows that most bucks are 8-pointers, like this one killed by Wyatt Reinhardt of New Hampshire, once they get to age 3 or older. Life Expectancy Approximately 10 years in the wild. Also, any tips specific to North Carolina would be appreciated. classes of white-tailed deer can provide important information on trends within a deer herd. For you to determine the accurate estimation of the average weight of whitetail deer, you will need an online calculator. The mule deer, white-tailed deer, elk, caribou and moose. There is also substantial variation in body size among deer within Florida. The summer coat of a white-tailed deer is reddish-brown, while its winter coat is gray. photo credit - P. Salmon . Females (does) are typically smaller and average around 100 pounds. White-tailed deer vary in size depending on the habitat. Adult male deer in Florida average 115 pounds, but can reach 190 pounds or more in North Florida. 500 The Long Shot White-tailed deer are large mammals generally ranging in size from 50-200 lbs. ANSWER: In autumn, yearling males disperse up to 25 miles (average 5 miles) to establish permanent ranges with a different social unit. The white-tailed deer is aptly named because the white undersurface of its flaglike tail is about all that we see in the fleeting glimpse we get as it bounds across an opening in the woods. White-tailed Deer was an important meat source for American Indians. 400 Be Vewwy, Vewwy Qwiet Harvest a Whitetail Deer Buck, from under 46m (approx. The white-tailed deer is common throughout the state. I would say a 2 1/2 year old buck, on the hoof would be anywhere from 150 to 200 pounds. Scientific name: Odocoileus virginianus Average weight: 68 to 141 kg (male) 41 to 96 kg (female) Average height: 68 to 114 cm Average lifespan: 6 to 14 years (in captivity) Did you know? Meanwhile, they are left wondering if they would detect it should the … As during prehistoric times natives used deer for many purposes. A grayish-brown coat with a thick undercoat replaces the reddish hair during the cold time period. Other hunters take deer to the butcher and collect venison later. White-tailed Deer Wildlife Profiles—North Carolina Wildlife Resources Commission Q&A 1. Average Weight Of Wisconsin Whitetail Deer; Instructions Princess Go Glow Clock 2010 (53) December (30) November (2) October (2) September (1) … The typical mature whitetail buck in Illinois will weigh in at around 200 pounds, while mature Colorado mule deer bucks commonly weigh over 250 … Collecting age, weight and antler data annually on an individual ranch can provide valuable insight into progress, or lack thereof, in attaining deer herd quality goals established under a deer … The average live weight of the bucks we shoot is 150-175# and the live weight of the does seems to average … 150lbs). Numbers were kept in control by predators such as the wolf and cougar as well as the American Indians. Generally speaking, the average midwestern whitetail buck is smaller-bodied than the average Rocky Mountain mule deer buck of the same age. The height at the shoulders is 90-105 cm, length 134-206 cm, and weight (M) 90-135 kg (F) 67-112 kg. The white-tailed deer can make vertical leaps of over two and a half metres and horizontal leaps of nine metres — that’s almost as long as a school bus. Hunting is the number one cause of mortality for adult white-tailed deer in many parts of their range, including Tennessee. HUNTING 2020-21 2020-21 Digest, Deer Section DEER, ARCHERY (Antlered and Antlerless) WMUs 2B, 5C and 5D: Sept. 19-Nov. 14; Sunday, Nov. 15; Nov. 16-27 and Dec. 26-Jan. 23, 2021.One antlered deer per hunting license year. White-tailed deer are often seen feeding in fields, on the side of the road, and are becoming increasingly common in residential areas. They are browsers, not grazers. 150lbs). Fast Facts: White-tailed deer. The tail is held erect and waved back and forth when alarmed. Most deer take place some distance away from home. Here we have leaned conservative by taking the average weight of a male individual of the species, since females generally weigh less and require less stopping power. Actual yields will vary based on thoroughness and efficiency in the butchering process. White-tailed deer belong to the order of artiodactyla and family Cervidae and may live up to 12 years in the wild, although they rarely reach anything over seven years of age.. An average-sized deer consumes more than a ton of forage per year. In this case, the average weight of an adult male whitetail deer … We weight every deer we shoot. for every 100 of these "200 pound" deer i hear about, there may only be 1 or 2 that actually was a true 200+ pound deer. 200 lbs is a BIG deer. Comparing body weights between age-classes can be misleading. Average Weight: female 100 to150 pounds, male 150 to 250 pounds . I recently upped my poundage to 72lbs and heavier arrows seem to make sense. Adult male white-tailed deer in Florida weigh on average 125 pounds and stand approximately 36 inches tall at the shoulder. The average size of the summer home range is 536 acres for both sexes, but during the rut, expands to 853 acres for males. Would say closer to the 100# mark for all deer across the country. For example, Florida has very small white-tail compared to Michigan, where an average sized deer weighs about 165-175 pounds before field dressing. These yields are estimated. The tail is brown above and white below, hence the name. 150 ft.). Deer may live to 20 years or more in captivity, but in the wild, a 10 year old white-tailed deer is considered old. It also depends on what time of year it is, genetics, and habitat. What is the average weight of an adult male whitetail deer? This process usually involves removing the entrails, reproductive tract, heart, lungs, diaphragm and part of the esophagus. Below Range and Habitat: The range is from southern Canada to Panama except for parts of the western and southwestern U.S. Venison Yield Chart for Whitetail Deer. Depending on geographic location, the White-tailed Deer ranges in size from 1.3 - 2.1 m (4.3 - 6.9 ft) in total length and weighs from 40 - 125 kg (88.2 - 275.6 lbs). My son and I hunt north Arkansas, just a few miles south of the MO state line. This is the smallest member of the deer family in North America. Very rare to get a buck weighing over 125#. The common name refers to the tail; it is black/brown above and white below. Florida deer are considerably smaller than those in most other states. 2. (live weights in parenthesis) Hide Factor. As a result, the only weight many hunters obtain for their deer is a field-dressed weight, leaving the whole weight of their quarry unknown. One antlerless deer with each required antlerless license or permit. South Carolina State Record: The 1906-2010 SC White-tailed Deer Antler Records are divided into Non-Typical White-tailed and Typical White-Tailed Deer. The preferred habitat is mixed forest of moderate... Foods. Nutrition isn't the best and they don't have the quality of food that delta deer do. Bucks can lose up to 25% of their body weight during the rut so November is not the best time to get an accurate read on the average weight of your bucks. On average, deer eat four to six pounds of forage daily for each 100 pounds of body weight. It is noted that 95% of grown-up deer having a weight of 105-pound would have entire weights somewhere around 126 and 141 pounds. Size : Total length: 2½–8 feet; tail length: 4–14 inches; weight: 90–311 pounds. It matters where you are hunting. Here are some examples of how weight is distributed in Northern deer. I am looking at upping my grain weight on my arrows. Mature white-tailed deer can be heavy, but much of their weight is distributed in non-meat areas. Deer are ruminants (cud-chewers), and like cattle, have a compound, four-chambered stomach. During the warm months, deer possess reddish-brown hair. I'm moving there from Michigan in a few months and I know they differ in size from state to state. im game on this. Those southern deer will bring your average down. The white-tailed deer was uncommon in the Adirondacks prior to the mid 19th century. How many species of deer are there in North America? Most deer hunters field dress their game prior to bringing it in from the field. Adult white-tailed deer are about three feet tall at the front shoulders. White-tailed deer are polygamous. being a farmer, i tend to think i can guess a deer withing ten pounds of actual weight, and usually do, after weighing. white-tailed deer Characteristics. I know you prefer the FMJs and a arrow in the 5-6 grain weight multiplied by the bows maximum draw force but my question is why not go heavier? Hunting Debate: What is an Average Whitetail Buck?

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